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MEKA Unveils Modular Container Houses


Toronto-based housing company MEKA -- that is, modular, environmental, kinetic, assembly -- made national headlines with the launch of small container homes this week.  Seeking the ultimate trifecta of style, sustainability, and affordability, this start-up aims to produce "the most luxurious living spaces with a clean modern sensibility, at super affordable prices.

For that, New York Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Architect's Newspaper, and others took notice.  There's a 320 square-foot, $39,000 model open in West Village right now, which we'll mention as soon as we get photos. 

ALP320 - pricing from $39,000



VOR640 - pricing from $64,000



THOR1120 - pricing from $112,000



HELA1280 - pricing from $128,000


[+] More info on container-based MEKA Modular Luxury Housing.

Credits: MEKA. 



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