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World's First Certified Living Buildings


Earlier this year, we took a look at four projects racing to meet the requirements of the Living Building Challenge.  Now, the International Living Building Institute has completed third-party certification audits and announced the world's first Living Buildings.  The Omega Center for Sustainable Living (NY) and Tyson Living Learning Center (MO) both earned full certification, while Eco-Sense (BC) earned Petal Recognition for meeting four of six petals. 

Omega Center for Sustainable Living in Rhinebeck, NY:



Tyson Living Learning Center in Eureka, MO:



Eco-Sense Residence in Victoria, British Columbia:


The Living Building Challenge is more progressive than most any green building certification around.  Program requirements must be met and proven during one year of operation. 

Specifically, a Living Building must generate all energy through clean, renewable sources; capture and treat all water through ecologically sound techniques; incorporate non-toxic, local materials; and operate efficiently with maximum beauty. 

[+] See all Living Building Certified Projects

Credits: © 2009 Joe Angeles, WUSTL Photographer (Tyson); 2009 Farshid Assassi, Courtesy of BNIM Architects (Omega); 2008 Ann + Gord Baird (Eco-Sense).



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