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Envi WaterSense Rainshower from Moen


Recently Moen sent me a chrome Envi showerhead to test out for fun.  Installing the fancy new showerhead took nothing more than a few minutes, and I've been using it for a few weeks to get a good feel for the product.  All things said, Envi saves water and provides good flow, although of the two functions, rain and rinse, rinse is by far the best for daily showering. 

Envi has "advanced, self-pressurizing Immersion" technology that puts water through the showerhead with "three times more spray power than most rainshowers," according to Moen.  With the two spray functions, rated flow is a maximum of 2.0 gpm. 

That said, when I use the rain function -- water comes from the entire 8" showerhead -- the water doesn't seem to flow with must force, but it could be the plumbing situation on our end. 

Envi Eco-Performance Showerhead is a WaterSense certified product.  It's big, sturdy, and doesn't make a lot of noise like some showerheads I've tried in the past.  Envi also comes with a lifetime limited warranty to the original purchaser for leaks, drips, and finish defects. 

[+] More info on Envi Eco-Performance Showerhead.

Credits: Moen. 



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