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Oak Park Garage Exudes Style and Sustainability


Tom Bassett-Dilley recently sent us these photos of his prototype green garage on a 30' wide lot in south Oak Park, Illinois.  The garage was built with FSC-certified lumber, a salvaged concrete slab, locally produced recycled content steel siding, and salvaged cedar siding.  There's also a Live Roof green roof, which was designed to channel water into rain barrels for collection. 


The local zoning required a two-car garage, but Tom didn't need both spaces.  So instead of enclosing the space, the garage is open with a permeable gravel patio that accommodates an extra car when necessary.  Due to the small lot, the open design also takes less space from the backyard and can be used as a patio area. 

Tom's experience with his own garage led him to create Green Garage Plans, which states: "We see the garage as potentially transformative to the back yard environment and experience ... unlike the ubiquitous cheap vinyl garages, the Green Garage is built to last, using as many local resources as are available."



Photo credits: Tom Bassett-Dilley Architect Ltd. 2009



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