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St. Charles Super Modern Green Cabinets


St. Charles Cabinetry began manufacturing and designing in 1935, and today, they're still doing the same thing right here in the United States.  Their cabinets are made from stainless steel and powder-coated in your choice of 23 colors (see below).  What makes them a green product?  They are 98% recyclable and are the perfect choice for a hypoallergenic interior.


In addition to being recyclable, St. Charles cabinets are made with approximately 70% recycled content, which is quite impressive actually.  The cabinets not only carry high marks for greenness, they might be my #1 rank for high style. 

These cabinets are the height of modernity.  They're sleek, clean and understated, yet stunning, especially in an open-concept kitchen where they won't overpower you.  The hardware choices (some pictured below) range from industrial to country to artsy and contemporary.  Certainly a variety of options for cabinets.  Go check out St. Charles cabinets.  




Photo credits: St. Charles Cabinetry.



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