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Curvacious, Stylish and Green h2hotel

h2 Hotel - North

This is the design for a new place to stay called h2hotel in Healdsburg, California.  Healdsburg is a small town of something like eleven thousand people.  It’s smack dab in the heart of Sonoma County, a place where wine enthusiasts and travelers go for rest and respite. Environmentalism is quite common in northern California, so its natural that h2hotel would be designed to include a plentiful array of green amenities.  And starting in 2010, transients and guests of all kinds will have the opportunity to stay in one of thirty-six rooms in the four-floor h2hotel.

h2 Hotel - South

h2 Hotel Sketch

You’ll, of course, notice the curvaceous green roof and solar panels featured in the renderings.  h2hotel will also feature a bike cube installation and access to Dutch cruising bicycles for guests to tinker around town and take it all in.  Materials used in construction, to a large extent, will be natural and sustainable, and furnishings will be organic.  The hotel project has been registered and LEED certification is planned for the future.  We’ll keep you posted ...





First noticed at Michelle Kaufmann's Blog.

Image Credits: David Baker + Partners Architects.



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