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Candy Shop Green Co-Working Space


Talk about a serious transformation!  VaST, a Colorado-based a+d firm, purchased an old porn shop earlier this year -- the building was located close to Boulder -- and completely gutted the place.  Now, you wouldn't even know it used to have super skeezy viewing booths.  VaST took all that out and set a new standard in using green materials, particularly salvaged and unique materials.  Located at 1720 15th Street in Boulder, Candy Shop is the right kind of place for a budding green professional or socially aware independent looking for some co-working space.  Plus, they've just added solar panels to supply a portion of the building's energy ... check out the particulars of the renovation:



  • They added windows to bring in natural light
  • REconstruction harvested lumber from existing interior walls
  • Metal scrap from the interior gutting went to recycling
  • Reclaimed gym floor from Gunnison CC was installed
  • The ducts were flushed and cleaned
  • IKEA cabinets were added to the kitchen
  • FORBO flooring was installed in bathrooms
  • Alpen fiberglass windows were installed in reclaimed barn wood trim
  • Reclaimed oak floors were installed in the kitchen
  • FLOR carpeting with 65% recycled content placed on second floor
  • A TREX bench and railing was added to the front porch
  • HAKATAI recycled glass tile was installed in shower
  • A SOLAR GLASS front door was installed
  • Conference room window was made with beetle kill pine

And there's a ton more.  Make sure to check out VaST's blog of the construction progress.  It's all on one page, just like we do it here, so you should enjoy it ...







See more images of the Candy Shop eco renovation ...

Some images credit: Erik Paulsrud. 



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