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GreenMobile®, the Anticipated Update!


Back in January of this year, I posted an article about the stylish, affordable GreenMobile® design by Mississippi State University Professor Michael Berk.  Since that time, I've received countless emails and a few comments (aside: why do readers email rather than comment?) asking when the GreenMobile® would be available for purchase.  So I've come to realize that people, including myself, really want to buy a GreenMobile.  I mean, it's kind of cool.  The demand for affordable, modern living is really quite incredible (see: 100k House, e-House, Make It Right, etc).  But the long and short is, I emailed Professor Berk and he was nice enough to extensively respond via the below email, which I've edited slightly for formatting. 

At present, the university (Mississippi State University Office of Technology Commercialization) is trying to finalize agreements with industrial partners.  You would think that this would be a 'no-brainer'; but, industry is really not particularly interested and has been slow to act?  We have been trying for years ... with little to show for it.  You are correct, we are getting hundreds of requests for units (thousands since 2002).  The GreenMobile® product has been around for 5 years.  It is registered, service-marked and copyrighted with the US Patent and Trademark Office.  See my website (address below for awards, etc).

A stripped-down and altered version is being developed by MEMA (Mississippi Emergency Management Agency).  It is based on a $5.9 million grant award from FEMA's Alternative Housing Pilot Program for the GreenMobile® (where it won first place in jury ranking) in the Nov 2006 submittal process.  Upon the award, MEMA took over the project (from the university) and it is in their hands.  We had 'some' consultation -- their unit will be called the Mississippi Eco-Cottage; it should not be confused with the GreenMobile®.  Not sure what their target date is?

The GreenMobile® project recently received a DOE grant award for prototyping -- however, we need matching funds from industry.  Industry or interested parties looking to jointly develop this product should directly contact CHASE KASPER for licensing and collaboration agreements:

Chase Kasper, MBA
Licensing Associate
Mississippi State University
Office of Technology Commercialization
P.O. Box 5282
Mississippi State, MS 39762-5282
Phone: (662) 325-1939
Cell: (662) 769-1968
Fax: (662) 325-0667
[email protected]

This project has been totally engineered to meet the permanent housing code known as the International Residential Code (IRC), as well as the HUD code -- and is basically ready-to-go.  We expect value-engineering to occur with different manufacturers based on the region, material availability, their own processes, and market-place demands.

Hope this helps. Feel free to post.

Also, if possible, the university attorney requests that GreenMobile® always has the Registered Service-mark symbol (®) attached to the name.
On behalf of Jetson Green, I want to thank Professor Berk and the University for providing the above information.  I guess this means we all, collectively, need to find a way to get matching funds.  You know what to do, if you can do it.  Let's get this project off the ground and proliferate it all over the United States. 



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