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[Video] Peter DeMaria Talks About Cargo Container Design and Sustainability

In this interview, G Living sits down with Peter DeMaria to talk about his work using containers in modern home design and construction.  I was really impressed with DeMaria -- he tells you everything you ever wanted to know about container architecture and talks about scalability, sustainability, mold, termites, insulation, design, etc.  If you're thinking about using containers in your project, the ones mentioned in this interview cost about $900 - $2500 and are about 320 sf per unit.  Great video!

Peter received significant exposure for his design of the Redondo Beach House, a modern home built with containers.  He's also working on Logical Homes and explains in the above video that Logical Homes will be launching soon.  The images below are of a multi-use, container project in Venice under construction right now.

4/4/2009 Update: Logical Homes has officially launched!




that was incredible, great find! I want to buy a container home. I never thought I'd say that but I am now officially over the "hesitant phase" - I'm sold, this architect isn't some quack but a professional who is reinventing how to build alternative and enviro responsible homes. When do Logical Homes go on sale and where do I get more info on them?

@Rocka - this container design thing is totally legit. Here's a link to Logical Homes, although it's in prelaunch. As Peter says in the video, that company will be launching soon.

pure brilliance

im currently at university studying architecture in Liverpool in UK, and found this video really useful.

the project im working on is a building with a gallery space located along the beach front by were i live, made out of shipping containers. :D

@lizzie - glad you liked it. Feel free to send along information/pics of your project, if you like. Sounds like it will be pretty cool.

Love this video, it is so encouraging. I am living in Jamaica, and the cost of housing has gone through the roof. A majority (99%) of the houses are built with cement and cement block, the costs associated with these building inputs alone will send the cost of a two bedroom house up to (approx.) US$200K, J$14m.

Crazy ain't it? That's when I had this idea of cutting cost in the soon to be constructed house of mine. I thought of Cargo containers. Not very popular; truth to be told, people would laugh at the idea. But then, I would have the last laugh, for not only would i cut the cost of construction by at least 65%, but would end up with a house just as strong or even stronger than cement and blocks and steel.

This house I presume would be strong enough to stand up to Cat. 5 hurricanes that we experience here in the Caribbean.

I think you need to explore setting up a business here in Jamaica. Believe me, I would be your first customer.

Keep up the good work.


how can i get wind load and other specks needed to make shure thease containers can be used and properly permitted . need miami dade county thank you want to use one as a shead

Dear Sir,

I am in need of blueprints and the specifications of a double wide home 40' shipping container, I will be happy to pay all cost. D.H.I. is seeking to build a retirement complex but needs a copy to show to the permit board.

Respectfully 561-868-0626

Chris Hayes

its very good projected.


Thants an amazing coversion from a cargo container. Well!! if anyone is interested to buy cargo containers, then simply send me an email and i can arrange as many as you want.



I personlly know Peter DeMaria.. He is a great Architect... and a nice person... His work is amazing..

friend called me from LA and Logical Homes is about to open any day this week. Can't wait to see their projects!!!

Can't wait to see their projects!!!

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