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[Video] Leo Marmol on Green Prefab, the Future

Damien Somerset and Nicole Bassett of Shift33 put together this video interview with Leo Marmol, innovator of green prefab.   Definitely worth a view.   I've always been an advocate of green prefab, because I think it's where the green building revolution is going in the future.   What do you think? 

Via Marmol Radziner Blog.


I love modern, green prefab as well but the jury is still out for me on whether it is the future. Right now it seems to be another trendy option for the wealthy that could just as easily afford a fully custom designed and built home. Stick built and especially hybrid systems like SIPs and ICFs seems to be more affordable for the time being...

[ed. note - this is a comment from elaine on twitter]:

there are significant cons to prefab, including waste in packaging, shipping and emissions, and caravans to deliver.

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