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Popular Architecture's Mile High Eco Tower [S2]

Popular Architecture Super Tower

This is a concept tower by Popular Architecture envisioned for Tower Hamlets in East London.  The design is a reaction, at least in part, to sprawl issues.  London is expected to need housing for 100,000 new people per year until 2016, and currently, most of housing that's being built is low-density projects in commuter towns.  Popular Architecture's Super Tower could house up to about 100,000 people with a seriously low site requirement (considering the number of people within the structure). 

The 1,500 meter tall tower would have about 500 floors.  You'd find floors or sections for needs such as a university, farmer's market, pubs, a town hall, sky gardens, etc.  Anything and everything would be in the building.  There's even a fire station on the 419th floor!  Which raises the question: what do you do if there is a fire above or below the 419th floor? 

If built, Popular Architecture's concept would be three times larger than anything in London.  Construction would occur in 20-floor phases, with the final height of 1,500 meters subject to completion of the entire phased construction program. 

I must admit, however, when I first saw this skyscraper design, I thought to myself, maybe mile high is too tall.  I mean, do we reach a point where there is a diminishing margin of returns in terms of ecological, financial, or community benefits?  There must be a highway system of elevators for all the back and forth needs of 100,000 people.  I can't even comprehend the extent of the safety issues that might be presented as well.  So, how on earth do you contain all that in one building?




Via Inhabitat.

[S2] = Skyscraper Sunday, a weekly article on green skyscrapers.


design is excellent, bt how will u provide safety for people in sky scraper, especially fire safety

This is a utopian fantasy. It's pretty. It's stupid. It's pretty stupid.

2nd image is great, it definitely has some potential, but i don't know how this super tall-straight mass will stand still without breaking right in the middle.

What is the point?

All hail the mighty Cheese Stick!!!!

What a great read. It is great to see more people getting involved in the renewable energy movement - especialy in wind energy.

I love that architects are coming up with new creative ways of incorporating renewable energy sources into the building design. Fantastic!

With regard to Cary's statement of it looking like a cheese stick, you can see the gherkin bldg in the background of the third to last picture, who knew that one would crave food (i.e. pickles and cheese) while viewing London's cityscape.. Carry on then!

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