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Russia Tower, Largest Building in World with Natural Ventilation System [S2]

Russia Tower Russiatower5

Foster + Partners has quite the pipeline of projects and this supertall skyscraper, Russia Tower, is one of them.  Russia Tower is expected to be the tallest building in Europe, and one of the tallest in the world, coming in at a whopping 2,009 ft tall, just behind Taipei 101 and Burj Dubai.  Even further, it'll be the largest building in the world with a natural ventilation system.  Foster + Partners designed the building with an "energy cycle" system, which is a hot water circuit that runs through the building distributing the energy to regulate temperature and heat water.  The energy cycle system is intended to chart new territory in sustainable architecture. 

The pyramidal design also maximizes exposure to natural lighting, which provides both light and warmth in the winter.  Additionally, there will be a series of green skygardens rising up the core of the building that draw in natural ventilation and provide social space for the occupants.  Construction began in September 2007 and is expected to be complete in 2012.  Russia Tower will have retail, hotel, office, and residential spaces. 

Via Moscow News, some images via SkyscraperCity (copyrights to Foster + Partners).




[S2] = Skyscraper Sunday, a weekly article on green skyscrapers.


The Russia tower possesses unique characteristics and once finished, this will truly show off the splendor and the creativity of the designers.

Great architecture truly amazing!!!!

intriguing... it is reli a good design that impresses people a lot. I reli love the design... it is so elegant yet practical

how do they make it as natural ventilated skyscraper? is their techniques is applicable in all climate? is this building has a LEED certificate?

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