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Liberty Collection, Vivid Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile

Neptune Detail

I just caught wind of an incredible new collection of transparent, glass mosaic tile called LIBERTY.  LIBERTY was designed by Giulio Candussio for Trend USA, a company we profiled previously for their Trend Q product.  These images are incredible.  The hand cut tiles contain a minimum of 50% post industrial recycled content and are available in 12 colors.  LIBERTY retails for about $45 psf, which is not bad depending on the use.  A wall might be expensive, but an accent will be more reasonable.  I'm gonna let the images speak on this one, but if you want more information, LIBERTY will be in tile shops all over the country (visit here or call 866-508-7363 for nearest location). 


Speaking about the LIBERTY Collection, designer Candussio said, "the transparent quality of the glass creates a balance of essential shapes, modular rhythms, and color.  The result is a continuous and changing bright and chromatic vibration that comes from the surface itself."







$45 a sq.ft. for something made out of garbage. And I wonder why more peopled don't use recycled building materials....

@George - I completely disagree. People use recycled building materials all the time. And on top of that, tell me something not made of garbage that looks this good. Regardless of the input, it's incredible. Well worth $45 psf.

Preston - Valid comment...I didn't explain myself too well. I was thinking more of the average homeowner. I agree this tile looks fantastic, but for the average person looking to redo a bathroom, kitchen, etc. $45 psf for any tile is on the high end (again, for the average person). If we could have products like this priced lower, it would benefit everyone.

This isn't about the source material but rather the style, craft and workmanship.... and rarity/exclusivity.

It's gorgeous. I want it. But at $45 per square- won't be happening.

My apologies for entering this discussion so late. full disclosure-I work for Trend USA. One of the ways Liberty and actually all beautiful unique tile collections can be incorporated into a home is to use as an accent. One wall in a room or hallway, a backsplash, a vertical stripe amongst more economical field tile, a fireplace surround. Imagining the material as an intriguing "splash" of color and texture.......

Liberty tile is 50% post industrial recycled material and not post consumer as we originally announced. In October Trend will launch a glass tile collection that is entirely post consumer recycled glass. We apologize for the error and thank you very much for your patience.
JoAnn for Trend USA

@JoAnn - thanks for the update. I've gone ahead and updated the info in the article to reflect the new information.

Is this recycled glass remelted and recolored?

Is this recycled glass remelted and recolored?

hi I'm an architecture student and I have to design a recycling center that will recycle glass
i was wondering if any type/colour of glass can be recycled to create these tiles
and also does anybody have any information on how they are made?? is the glass melded when it is in a form of cullet or glass powder?

I love the Tiffany red tiles but they are so expensive (even for one wall) for me also I am from Alaska the shipping is sametimes more then product if not then it is so much or can't be send to here.I would like to buy bulk tiles same colors and sizes but I could not find them any where.Please can same one help me to find the tiles for less.U.

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