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The Ultimate Green News Year in Review 2007

Green News Year in Review 2008

It's been an incredible year in green news, and coverage on the environment seems to increase every week.  Below, you will find links from the last year that I think are important.  Unfortunately, tons of good stories didn't make the cut because the links were broken and I couldn't find an adequate replacement.  Regardless, 2007 has been a great year, don't you think?  Collectively, we're taking big steps to respect the environment.  Republicans, Democrats, businesses, individuals, etc.  Everyone wants to do their part.  And even if you don't click all, er, 151 links below, scan the titles as a reminder of what has been accomplished.  Let's keep the momentum in 2008. 








I think 2008 will be a great year! With so many people and companies realizing how they can help the environment, I think we will begin to see allot more people going "green" and doing their part.

This is true, but let's hope the benefits extend even if the economy slows down a little bit. We'll see if 2008 is the year of consistent, environmentally-conscious behavior.

I want to ask the same question that can green buildings really save the planet?

One thing is sure that green homes can be rally good for the human health.

One thing is sure that green homes can be rally good for the human health.

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