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First LEED Platinum Healthcare Facility in World!

Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas

Green buildings, with their natural light and excellent indoor air quality, have the potential to make a big difference in the healthcare industry.  At some point, there's going to be the world's first LEED Platinum healthcare facility in the world and Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas just might be the location to do it.  The 32-acre, $200 M project is on schedule to take LEED Platinum, if everything goes as planned.  The pictures are magnificent and we here at Jetson Green think it would be great if no one ever had to go inside!  TBG Partners was kind enough to provide photos of the work they're doing on the project, which includes site planning, sustainable design, and landscape architectural services.   

Speaking of their work, Brian Ott, LEED AP and principal with TBG Partners, said, "We designed various courtyard environments to reflect the biodiversity of Central Texas by incorporating six ecoregions, each corresponding to a distinct area of the hospital’s 46-county service region ... since the installments, Dell Children's has received widespread acclaim for combining cutting-edge medical technology with art and green building design to create a cohesive healing environment."  Via CooperSmith.







"The 32-acre, $200 project" - that's cheap ;-)

Sure is, nice catch!! How about $200 million?

FYI - Comment period on 'LEED for Healthcare' closes on Saturday 12/15 at 5pm pst. More info at

This is wonderful. Wow...though 200 M!

Love that they incorporated lots of plants and greenery into the plans! I was just at a conference where Travis Longcore from the USC Center for Sustainable Cities pointed to the difference between greened infrastructure (i.e. a LEED certified building) vs. green as infrastructure (i.e. a building that includes nature) and am now totally into LEED buildings that include landscaping :)

That's a good point Siel, there's a distinction there that could make a big difference. Congrats on the Emerald City gig, by the way!

Good coverage with fair photoe

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