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Urban Rio, Panama's First Affordable Green Container Project

Urban Rio

UPDATE 3/16/09 - Urban Core International has gone dark.  The website was shut down.  If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us

Aaron Newman, founder and managing partner of Urban Core International, sent me the details of his latest project, Urban Rio.  Specifically, Urban Rio is a product of Urban Core's prefab and container division called Envision Prefab.  It's easy on the eyes, to say the least, and just so happens to be the first sustainable, affordable, container project in Panama. 

Urban Rio units will have energy-efficient appliances, HEPA filters, energy-efficient split air conditioners, smart lighting controls, a water recycling and reclamation system, low-flow faucets and toilets, tankless hot water heaters, and a living green roof.  Urban Rio will be located in Rio Abajo, Panama City, and will have 5 units in total.  Units will have two bedrooms and 1 bathroom and start selling upon receiving the local approvals.  Can't wait to see the real thing.

Urban Rio

Urban Rio Interior


Hi Preston,

I enjoyed checking out your blog. I'm a recent grad in Silicon Valley, and I've just started a company that is mapping the blogosphere to our world. Here is an example of a blogger in Georgia who's plugged in: It can be fun to explore different localities.

It's an easy process to get on board, and I can be reached at for questions or feedback. If you resonate with the vision of painting a global canvas of voices, please give VerveEarth a mention.

Cheers! -Clayton

Cool project!

Preston, would love to see you do more on green building in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), either here in your blog (which I always recommend to anyone who raises green building issues with me), or as a guest poster over at The Temas Blog. I did a brief piece on Mexico's forrays into LEED and related certification, and plan the same for Brazil, yet there's much, much more going on but I don't have the time to cover it properly. Let me know if you're interested.

Best Regards,
Keith R

@Keith R,

I'd love to guest blog or write about those things, but I'm just not that informed on what's going on in those countries. I lived in Japan, and stayed in Taiwan and China, so I have some familiarity there. If I run across a good story, I'll let you know ...

any one have any green info for Thailand; intend to build a green retirement complex in the Chiang Mai area.


Hi Peterson.
This one I diiiiiig.
Very soon I am coming to Caldera Chiriquí to start building a modest B&b and my house on my lot. My idea was to use local materials like lava rocks with some modern sustainable materials.
I also am into exploration of starting a bio diesel crop planting and producing off The Jatropha plant.
Was for a long time contemplating the containers architecture system. I'm landing in Panama City the end of this month (march 2008). Would like to see the project and explore possibilities to erect one great example in the Bouqete area, (as opposed to other reckless monumental environmental calamities going on there by greedy entrepreneurs). Please contact me.
Cheers to Green living.

Is it possible to buy container homes for delivery in Panama? I am in Los Santos in the south by Cambutal and would like some housing on my property for long term and to use immediately.

necesito contactarlos quisiera construir en coronado. mi eco-casa

Wonderfull project, I would like to know where about in Panama it is, I wanna have onw....

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