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REI Boulder Continues Green Building Tradition

REI Boulder

Over the weekend, REI opened the doors on a brand-spanking new, LEED-CI Silver certified, green retail store in Boulder, Colorado.  Designed by Gensler, this store is an extension of REI's commitment to green building.  REI's director of store development, Dean Iwata, said, "REI's Boulder store builds on our more than 10 years of green building experience, and helps us test concepts that will pave the way for how our stores are built in the future, including design, material selections and use of technology."  I couldn't be happier for the company -- I think I've found a justification to splurge $165 on a new North Face Denali jacket.  Vote with your money, right?!

The store has tons of green technology, such as specially-designed Solatubes (which save major deniro and energy).  Also, using efficient, low-flow fixtures, the store uses 30% less water than federal code mandates.  70 percent of the store's hot water is heated through solar energy.  REI Boulder is the first retail integration of Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) and uses recycled, renewable, and low-VOC materials throughout.  Plus, as many responsible builders do, REI diverted 75% of construction waste from the local landfills by using it in other areas of the store or recycling it. 

REI Solar

Incidentally, REI's Portland store was the first retail store in the country to receive LEED Gold certification (under the LEED-CI system), and their Pittsburgh store followed that with LEED-CI Silver certification.  This Boulder store is participating in the LEED for Retail pilot program, so nothing new here, just advancing more of the green goodness.

REI Solatube



Awesome indeed. This just ads to the excellent customer service I have experienced with REI. The sales people at their Portland, OR store are the best...
Is this not the essence of new marketing - adding to the aura of authenticity, of doing things right etc?
I am a fan already and your post just got me to their website on a busy morning. I have way more important things to be doing than shopping for winter gear. Awesome!

@Jono - excellent images on your website!!

I've had nothing but awesome experiences with REI. It's a great place. Another thing I didn't mention is the size of the store. Compared to some of the other places like Bass Pro and Cabellas, REI is tiny, but I feel like they have a better selection of stuff than the other guys. They're firing on all cylinders.

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