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UMB Bank Colorado, Denver's Second Green Roof Building [Updated]

UMB Stapleton

UMB Bank Colorado, a chartered bank of UMB Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: UMBF), is getting ready to unveil their new “green” banking center at Stapleton, which opens to the public on Monday, October 1. The UMB Bank at Stapleton is Denver’s second building to incorporate a grass roof into the structural design. The banking center is located at 3515 Quebec Street in Quebec Square at Stapleton.  Speaking of the building's green roof, Mariner Kemper, chairman and CEO of UMB Bank Colorado, said, “Amidst growing concerns over the health of the environment and the rising cost of natural resources, there is a national trend to develop ‘green’ buildings ... green buildings are designed to reduce the impact on the environment by conserving resources such as water and energy while blending with the features of the natural landscape. Our new banking center in Stapleton further supports UMB’s commitment to a cleaner, safer, and sustainable environment.” 

NOTE: I wasn't able to find an actual picture of the building, but I know we have some JG readers in Denver on the scene.  Feel free to email me live pictures if you have them (jetsongreen at yahoo dot com).


Tom Konrad, who has a website at and blogs at AltEnergyStock and EE/RE Investing, was kind enough to snap some shots of the bank.  Unfortunately for us readers, Tom thought about climbing that wall to get roof images, but his law-abiding side got the better of him.  :)  Maybe we can get the bank's manager to take some roof shots?  Thanks Tom for the quick turnaround! 




is that a big honking drive-thru bank with a green roof on top? That's Green Sprawl!

I've read that article and I think she's trying to coin a new term of art in 'green sprawl,' but I'm fine calling it a green building in the context of sprawl. By calling it green sprawl, I think, it places too much responsibility on the party building the green building to stop sprawl. That's a monumental task, a task that needs to be addressed from the early city planning stages on.

RE: Green sprawl. One thing to note is that this is a brownfield development... I'm no fan of drive through banks, but at least they didn't convert any farms to build it.

RE: Picture. Will do. This is about a mile from where I live.

Here is an interesting question: which has the greatest net carbon impact, a green roof (through photsysthesis) or a photvoltaic roof (which has a higher conversion effieciency, but also has a high embodied energy.)

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