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Tread Lightly Modular Prototype House

Tread Lightly House

The Tread Lightly House was designed by Garrison Architects for a site where the building footprint had to be minimal because of nearby wetlands.  This modular house prototype touches lightly on the earth, demonstrating a different way to reduce the home's ecological footprint and help minimize the impact of the built environment on nature.  Prefabricated construction of the home draws upon an ecologically friendly modular design which is fast and easy to build (not to mention, offers the potential for saved energy, time, money, and natural resources).  You can read more about this + other green projects at the Garrison Architects blog





This is just a general comment and I'd be interested to find out response/reaction. My opinion with respect to green is that the proof is in the pudding. With our local AIA Chapter Green Awards, to receive recognition the project submitted for consideration had to be a built project. Intentions are well and good, but the benefit isn't there until it's built.


I definitely agree that the proof is in the pudding and I'd like to see this concept meet reality. Here, I think, the concept serves as a visual cue for what could be done. It drives the creative thought process towards an attractive solution to a problem: nearby wetlands.

Three questions
1. Do you have any new modules b/c i am interested to build them.
2. Could you post an instructable about a larger system you talked about. I think I would like to line my room with plants :)
3. What kind of nutrients do you use, I am relatively new to hydroponics and could use a few tips

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