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Shaming Building Owners into Using Less Energy

Haringey Interactive Heat Loss Map

A quick, but interesting, little tidbit of information ... in Haringey, a city in the UK, the city council hired a company to use a military-style plane outfitted with a thermal imaging to take pictures of every structure in the area.  They took the heat loss information from the pictures and created a color-coded map identifying the various levels of heat loss for each building.  As you can see from the image shot above, the dark red homes are really losing some heat.  By visiting the Haringey Interactive Heat Loss Map, you can scroll over each gray dot and get the address of that particular energy loser.  I'm not sure if the data has led to any improvements (there's definitely a concern over privacy here in the U.S.), but it's probably led to some interesting discussions: "Excuse me neighbor, did you know you're a red house?  Well, I'm a blue house and I think I can help..."  Via CD + TechDirt


This is exactly waht we need to focus peoples' minds on energy usage. And something I suggested in an article I wrote 3 weeks ago... but I didn't know anyone was doing it.

I'd love to see a statistical analysis on the effects on energy use in the city over a year or two.

Privacy advocates will squirm, but we're talking about photos of the outside of the house with an infrared camera. Get used to it people, IR cameras are just getting cheaper, and they're not going away.

You're well ahead of your time! :) Really though, I think you're right ... the information would be helpful. Some people may not have any idea, but I guess an energy audit would help, too.

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