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Modern Solar Powered LED Lights Taking Off


Solar Cynergy has developed a self-contained, in ground, solar-powered LED light that can be used in residential, commercial, and city applications.  Eliminating the need for batteries, these solar LED lights use Nichia condenser technology to provide blue, green, white, halogen white, and red lighting.  With the simple design of having everything built in, there's no need for complicated wiring, and they're strong enough to withstand the pressure of a tank.  As you can see, the lights are embedded into the ground to create various design and lighting effects.  Initially a Japanese innovation, Solar Cynergy introduced the lights at Lightfair International 2007, and business has taken off!  I can imagine that the opportunities are endless with this kind of technology.  More images below. 

Rectangle Square





Anyone have a tank? I'm happy if they work when my tahoe runs them over.

check out the pics at one of their online retailers. They literally have a car parked on top of the unit and it's not even installed flush into the ground!

John - i like that the lights are placed in the building (that link you posted), but what if the LED goes out? How do you fix it?

I linked to this post on my blog. Thanks for the info!

Excelent looking products, LED lighting is so much more versatile than conventional lighting, and also saves energy and the environment

Made in China! Will they cheer up our Shanty Towns? You bet they will, and as the next downswing in our economy approaches, with the greater depression hiding in its throughs , we may do well to stock up on these free light sources, and seeds, and web instructions on composting, gardening, humanure, and bio-gas, now that the dollar has been raped and is still falling on the world markets, soon worth less than the Zimbabwe buck! Only the self sufficient off-griders will avoid the big bump! Get used to an all veggie diet, with a bit of possum, and rodent on the side, forget about planting a lawn, plant potatoes instead! This time around no amount of money printing sprees, on our Fiat dollars, or Fed's manipulations will Save Our Souls, we will go down hard and fast and starve in the dark! Buy these lights, support your Asian oppressors! churn your last few dollars! Why not? The inevitable is soon upon us! Have your last Hurrah, Great, hulking, high calorie American Neanderthal, the Asians are coming! The Asians are coming!

I agree with ACE Lamps. You can get so much more creative with LED lighting. If you have a few bucks and a great imagination you can really take your landscape lighting to the next level with LED lights.

Its great post and information about modern solar led lights i have experience it in my garden and home lawn.

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