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Power Pod Can Reduce Energy Costs Up to 80%


And that's pretty incredible.  It can be used for personal, business, or industrial applications.  The Power Pod arrives on a single flatbed truck and sets up in a day.  But what's so special about it?  Well, it can outfitted with rooftop solar, the butterfly roof collects water for use in radiant floor heating, and the highly insulated walls (SIP R-28) keep the temperature just right.  Plus, there's also the typical energy-efficient lighting, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and building performance monitoring system.  Keeping track of things helps to optimize efficiency.  And with the sculptural steel pier foundation, setup should be pretty quick, too. 

Can you feel the modern, green prefab-type options increasing?  Almost out of control?  Well, competition is good and this company is based in Lawrence, Massachusetts.  It's not really practical to be shipping homes all the way across the country, so there's going to be lots of options in places that demand this type of construction.  The working prototype, as you will see below, looks pretty good, too.  Via Treehugger.


Plus, go check out these additional images at CNET, too.  Excellent. 


I've always had a fantasy of living in a high-end "trailer park" of elegant prefabs populated by smart, beautiful people.... This is brilliant.

great progress!!

There are lots of these pre-fab lines coming out-- hopefully some that are really scalable and at lower price-points. - maxmsf


I'm considering buying some land and would strongly consider a highly energy-efficient building to call home. I like the traditional roof look. Would I give up some energy efficiency with this style?

I would also like at least 2 bedrooms and 1-1/2 baths. Do you build anything which would fit these specs?

What is the aerage living space for one of these units?



What would be the ballpark cost of such a building?

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