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JoT House - Handsome, Approachable Prefab?


What do you get with prefab?  (1) modular economies of scale and supposedly less construction waste, (2) labor efficient construction process, (3) ease of variability or parts interchangeability, and (4) the possibility of green, energy efficient homes, if you make that happen.  Jot Homes is backed by Yeh + Jarrard, who built the prototype JoT House in Joshua Tree (get it? JOshua Tree?) for a jaw-dropping $48 psf way back in 2004.  It seems that one of the ways they kept the costs down was by using a "central utility core" for the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry supplies.  Simple plumbing is cheaper, right?!  In addition, they use SIPs and sustainable harvested birch plywood (as opposed to fir plywood that comes from old growth), Forbo Marmoleum and cork tiles for the flooring, double-glazed low-E glass for the windows, and LED lighting technology.  Kitchen and cabinetry fixtures were all sourced from IKEA, too.

Currently, JoT House is planning some new stuff for release in early 2008 or so.  They will have the JoT Original, JoT 'L', and the JoT Two-story 'Urban JoT', with standard model prices at $210k, $260k, and $300k, respectively.  That works out to roughly $180 psf.  If you're going after the mini-JoT, that starts at about $45k+.  And multiple mini-JoTs can be put together, too.  Let's keep an eye out for new developments in 2008, and check the detail in some of the images below.




Good Links:
++Yeh & Jerrard Official Website [::shrinks browser window::]
++A Sustainable Low Cost Pre-fabricated Home [PDF]
++The JoT House (and Mini-JoT)! [EG]


Cool and simple design, I could just see this infront of a pool or a body of water of somesort

Exactly how is $210 - $300k a good price for a 1300sf home thats basically just plywood and foam insulation with some Ikea cabinets?

$180.00 PSF ??? Affordable ? Maybe you should call it "the Sallie-mae" 'cause it'sa gonna take a mortage to get one! How about a "Rob-Roy" version?!-you know build it yourself $10.00 PSF build cost? That is what the world needs.

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