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Jellyfish House, Future Sustainable Structures [Video]

I watched this video of the Jellyfish House by architects Lisa Iwamoto and Craig Scott, and needless to say, I was kind of blown away.  It's quite compelling to watch, but at the same level, it's complicated.  I can't say I understand everything that's going on but I like it.  Jellyfish are responsive to the environment around them, so like jellyfish, one concept with this house is that water is filtered and harvested through the actual structure of the home.  The structure uses UV light filtration, which could come down in price in the future, and titanium dioxide, which is now used for self-cleaning glass in tall skyscrapers.  This concept prototype for the future of sustainable living was designed (hypothetically) for Treasure Island, a decommissioned military base in San Francisco Bay with toxic top soil. 

Exterior Rendering




High marks for the aesthetic design of the house; however as far as sustainablity is concerned I'm not sure it meets the mark. The jellyfish concept of living in symbiosis with nature is great; however one can definitely tell that this was created as an art piece for a museum rather than designed to meet the pressing social need of affordability. True sustainablity will be achieved when environmentally concious design is available to and permeates the life of everyman and not just the wealthy. So to say the house is beautiful, yes! - and high marks for the avante guarde design; but to say the house is sustainable, no - it doesn't address the big picture issues as well as say Brad Pitt's development posted just before this does.

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