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Green Building Costs, HGTV Green Home, Energy Efficiency, Green Lending + Re-development (WIR)

Week in Review
  1. A new report by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development found that the costs of green building are often misunderstood, and even overestimated by as much as 300%. 
  2. HGTV announces the Green Home Giveaway - they will build a home somewhere using eco-friendly materials and give it away in 2008.
  3. Sun Microsystems completes next-generation, energy-efficient datacenters in California, the U.K, and India -- they expect to save over $1.1 million in energy costs per year. 
  4. Developing special lending programs dedicated to energy efficiency projects is a good way for banks to support green endeavors. 
  5. With climate change and 80% of the world's population living less than 30 miles from a coastline, Discovery talks about green principles in building a modern city


I just ran across this blog...please note that myenergyloan has been dedicated to green lending for three years now and we are the nation's leading green loan incentive program - we actually give a large piece of our profit directly to back to clients as myenergyloan efficiency credits when we close their loan.

Translation: we start by giving 1/2% back at closing as a credit which can be taken as savings or it can be used to buy down a permanent interest rate.

No need for smoke and mirrors - we do this because we want to serve sustainable consumers and we don't believe in hosing our clients!

Why isn't your lender doing this? He will, if you make mynergyloan your mortgage partner on the next green real estate investment you make!

Jeff Cole
President / Principal

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