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The Top Ten Green Building Blogs - Guardians of Green Building

Guardians of Green Building

I've been at the blogging thing for close to a year and wanted to celebrate some blogs that are doing a dang good job providing green building information.  There's nothing empirical about this list.  I didn't use Technorati or Google Page Rank, although these metrics are important to look at.  I based this list of the Top Ten Green Building Blogs on my experience reading, studying, and interacting since I started Jetson Green.  Is this list exhaustive?  No, but these ten are the Guardians of Green Building.  They are stewards of important information.  They protect it.  They keep it accurate.  They put in considerable time for the cause of promoting green building.  Plain and simple, they deserve a badge of appreciation for being good at what they do.  Here's my list in no particular order. 

1.     Building Green TV

Building Green TV

On the one hand, Building Green TV is a television show on PBS, but on the other hand, it's behind the interactive social website of the same name.  Building Green TV's mission is to provide homeowners with a glimpse of just how easy, cost-effective, and healthy it is to go green, while dispelling the myth that an environmentally conscious lifestyle means doing without.  The television show's host is Kevin Contreras and season two is already in the works.  Also check out the website's share feature, which allows readers to interact, publish stories, and find new ways to live green. 

2.     Green Buildings NYC

Green Buildings NYC

This website is the product and passion of Stephen Del Percio, a LEED AP and attorney in New York and New Jersey.  He started the website in March 2006 and has been pumping out good green business, real estate, and law information ever since.  Although the content is fairly local in nature (sites for New York, LA, DC, and Miami), much of it is relevant in any geography. 

3.    MetaEfficient


MetaEfficient is a blog written by Justin Thomas covering the latest and coolest green products and technologies.  Importantly, MetaEfficient highlights tons of tech that could help buildings with energy or water efficiency.  Also, this blog is quick to feature some of the newest, most innovative green skyscrapers, so if you want to get in early, get with MetaEfficient. 

4.     Equity Green

Equity Green

Equity Green is an excellent source of green building information with a financial/tax perspective.  The author, who also happens to be my brother, regularly features the newest YouTube videos and LEED projects right as they come out.  As the tag line says, Equity Green is about finding equity in green buildings.

5.     Treehugger - Lloyd Alter


You probably already know Treehugger, but do you know Lloyd Alter?  Lloyd is an architect, developer, and all around green prefab expert.  He tells it like it is and takes a beating for it.  He's genuine and approachable, too.  Here's a quote from his bio:  "Lloyd became convinced that we just use too much of everything- too much space, too much land, too much food, too much fuel, too much money, and that the key to sustainability is to simply use less. And, the key to happily using less is to design things better."

6.     Apartment Therapy: Green Home

Apartment Therapy Green Home

This new channel within the big-time Apartment Therapy blog system is about "saving the planet, one apartment at a time."  AT Green Home publishes tons of new articles every day and helps readers go green in a stylish way.  I'm a big fan of the new channel and eagerly dive into each story popping up on my feed reader.   

7.     Green Key Real Estate Blog

Green Key Real Estate

Green Key Real Estate is the first and only green real estate company in San Francisco. Its focus is on incorporating environmentally responsible and socially just principles and practices into all aspects of  its business.  What's cool about their blog is that it's not just some corporate blog promoting the interests of the company.  This is a legitimate blog talking about what's going on in the world of green real estate.  These bloggers don't just know real estate, they know green real estate...precisely the kind of people you want to do business with.

8.     Verde Vista - Jay Hasbrouck


Jay's blog focuses on bright green environmentalism, which emphasizes the use of new technology and improved design to achieve gains in ecological sustainability without reducing the potential for economic growth.  Verde Vista is a compilation of interesting news and events in the genre of environmentalism and much of it pertains to advances in green living.

9.     Inhabitat


We all know Inhabitat.  It's the forerunner in green design, or "future-forward design for the world you inhabit."  With a talented team of writers, designers, architects, and environmental consultants, it's clear that Inhabitat will continue to influence the future of green building.  Inhabitat keeps a pulse on innovations in technology, practices, and materials that are pushing home design towards a smarter, greener future.

10.    Building Seattle Green

Building Seattle Green

This is the green building blog section under the umbrella of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  Like some of the other green building blogs, this one is fairly local in scope, but there's a lot to learn from the writing of these professionals.  Building Seattle Green aims to move beyond the common perception that green building is more expensive and wants to help create a more sustainable urban environment in Seattle.

Just as an added bonus, for those that are interested, I've created these crazy little badges to strut your stuff.  Feel free to post one on your blog...just right click and save (and then add it in to your blog as you like).  And from Jetson Green, thanks for your excellent work in green building.



Thanks, Preston, I'm flattered to be a Guardian of Green Building. Keep up the great work yourself!

Preston, thanks for the love...I'm liking the new title bar and button work...keep up the good work.

Thank you, Preston, we're honored to be included on such a distinguished list with such fine company. The only thing wrong with the list is that you're not on it :) - maxmsf

My wife and I really like a new site called We like it because it is focused on consumers who are doing home remodel projects and provide great information on vendors of green products that we can use. i would take a look!

This is a great list you've put together!

Great compilation of top green building blogs you've put together here. I appreciate what you've done here to promote green building, new technologies and ideas.

Keep up the nice work!

Thank you.

I gave it a shot to let my clients know that going Green is the right choice.

Here is the link.

Hope you can help point me in the right direction.


I guess this is about 6 months old, but it still looks pretty good to me! Thanks for the great list!

Thanks for this! With all of the blogs out there, it's not always easy to find the great ones. I'll definitely be bookmarking this. In my small town of Hood River, Oregon--a great place to work and play-- green building is becoming a lot more mainstream.

I hope RealLifeLEED would get some love for a 2008 version of this list!

Good post - Joel

Bella Vita in Buda TX is selling 5 star green labled condominuims! There website is

Ooh check out our green building blog at:

We are also featuring Global Green USA and their rebuild project in New Orleans on our People Who Care blog.

We may not write the best green building blog out there but when you are ready to build green, come to and you can buy everything you need online while raising funds for your favorite nonprofit!


It's great to see a webpage giving honorable mention to all the green blogs out there.

Thanks for coming up with a great list.


This post it´s fantastic. Wow…thank´s…

Check out the blogs at -- they are well worth reading.

Great list of blogs! Alot of useful information. Check out our LEED platinum green home at:

Great list of blogs, I've got plenty to read now. Thanks!

thanks for information

The Villages at Cascade Head is an eco-sanctuary on the Oregon Coast. We appreciate Jetson Green's work too!

GREAT News-you can not only heat and cool your home the earth friendly and clean geothermal way , but also heat your swimming pool!!!Please check it out- Francis

This is great information for me and my custom home building business in Las Cruces, NM. I've always thought that green building was more about building homes the right way than anything else. I've been trying to post good info on my blog about it too. I'll be back again for sure.

The LEED Made Easy is a green building construction directory. LEED Made Easy provides resources and information about all aspects of green building and construction, sustainable development and renewable energy. From the planning and design process, through construction and post-construction phases, this green building directory is valuable resources aimed at helping consumers make greener building choices.

This post is getting better. I appreciate the top green building blogs, new technologies and ideas.

Thank you.

this is great post for us. you give us nice ideas now..

check out this video on sustainable school design.


here is very good site.. they have good comment system...thanks

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