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Interview + Practical Environmentalist

Practical Environmentalist

The bloggers at Practical Environmentalist interviewed me, but I'm not real big on self-promotion (partially take that back, I have posted this and this).  I don't really give away tons of detail about myself, but that's because Jetson Green isn't about me, it's about the built environment that we live in.  I like the bloggers at Practical Environmentalist (especially their list of 21 Practical Ways to Help the Environment) and appreciate what they do.  When I was in Dallas, we were running in some of the same circles.  Now, they have a new building and are working on getting it green renovated.  One of its writers, Kent Swanson, wrote the wildly popular article with 11 Suggestions for an Eco-Friendly Landscape.  That's a good article.  I didn't mention it in the interview, but I'm also a nerdfighter.  Enough about me, though.  Enjoy the holiday.  Enjoy the BBQ.  Have fun with family.  Be safe. 


Nice interview. Be sure to read it.

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