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Video: Hive Modular in Germantown, Nashville

[Run time: 1:09 min.]I found this blog dinking around with my Blackberry's feedreader software.  David Hunter has a blog called "Nashville Modern Prefab," and he's documenting his experience trying to build a modern Hive Modular home near downtown Nashville.  For anyone that's interested in some of the hurdles of getting approvals, etc., for a non-traditional home, this is a great blog to scan over.  Check the video above, which is a 3D rendering of Hunter's future home.  Hope the approvals finally come through!  For those of you that like Hive Modular's work, you may enjoy some of the videos and links below. 

Good Links:
+Hive Modular [website]
+Hive Modular on HGTV [Youtube]
+Hive Modular + Rosenlof/Lucas Video [Youtube]


Hi Preston,
It's an honor to see our name on your site (rosenlof/lucas). I've wandered through here a few times and appreciate your eye. It's always inspiring. We blog at and have a Flickr stream that I've just added some pics of a new Hive Mod project we've just completed the first phase of. We have two other Hive related clients we're moving forward with too. Flyash concrete, minimal run off etc. I'll keep you posted. We're really excited.

Matt Olson

Thanks for popping over. I've got your blog linked up on the right, excellent articles. I'd post on the flickr stuff, but it looks like others have read your comments and beat me to press. I look forward to keeping track of your work. Keep in touch...

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