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Rowhaus Condominiums, Modern + Green Living by Blue Conservancy


I'm in the middle of trying to find a nice little home in Salt Lake City and don't think I've ever seen the words 'bungalow' or 'rambler' so much in my life.  Many (not all) of the places here are run down, beat up, smelly, oozing with latent mold and lead issues, and very expensive.  There's not much in the way of modern or contemporary offerings either, but there's a small community of developers starting to turn that around.  For example, if we were in the position to buy, we'd go after this place being developed by Blue Conservancy called Rowhaus

Located at 1130 South West Temple, Rowhaus is a community of 24, 3-story, townhouse-style condominiums.  With prices starting at $299,000, Rowhaus is one of the nascent green offerings in the urban housing market here in Salt Lake City.  Some of the green features include the following: quiet, insulated concrete partition walls; large, thermally broken operable windows in all rooms; Energy Star appliances; and two minute walk to rail transportation.  Each unit is about 2,000 sf, with separate 2-car garages and a private yard.  Also, from what I understand, Blue Conservancy is a Salt Lake City Green certified business.  Nice. 


A correction, they are actually starting at $299,000. I've checked out the model home and liked what I saw. I thought it was s smart design and very roomy inside. It's definitely a start for Salt Lake.

My friend however, didn't think the place was worth what it was asking, but that's the way the market is. Also, he didn't think the materials were up to snuff.

Thanks for the correction. I took that pricing directly from their website and an ad in the newspaper and quadruple checked it before posting. But it looks like the website says $299k and I don't have the ad on me anymore. My mistake.

I wonder what your friend meant by not thinking the materials were up to snuff. In what way? Unfortunately, the website doesn't have much info or pics of the model home.

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