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Masdar City: Zero Carbon, Zero Waste


Foster + Partners has created a master plan for a massive and bold 6 million square meter sustainable development near Abu Dhabi called Masdar.  Driven by the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, Masdar will be a zero carbon, zero waste community, one that will be entirely car free. 

It will be the first city of its kind in the world, if things go according to plans.  Within the walls of the city will be a new university, Future Energy Company's HQs, an Innovation Center, and special economic zones. 

The mixed-use, high-density city aims to be a center for new ideas on producing energy.  With narrow walkways and shaded streets, occupants will be able to access transportation nodes with relative ease. 

And because the city is densely planned, the surrounding land will be used for wind + solar farms and research fields.  It's a lofty plan with big aspirations, which we'll watch with interest. 



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I bet if a big developer proposed a planned e-city like this, even in the states, there would be TONS of people lining up to invest in it. The management of the city would be a challenge, but I'm sure there'd be interest from universities and industry as well as independant home-owners ...

Funny about the Star Wars look. Its squareness struck me as odd, probably because I've always imagined a planned, car-less community to be based on concentric circles...

I'd love to go on a field-trip there when it's done. I wonder if it'll just seem like a huge mall.

So it does. I literally need to clean my glasses.

No cars within the city, I'd believe, since it's only 6 square km. Presumably it'll still be supplied by big-ass diesel trucks like the rest of the world. The cars on top look like little in-city monorails. And everyone knows monorails = teh future.

I'm not buying the no emissions either. And how are they going to have different laws (taxes, IP, transparency) from that of the surrounding Emirate? For strictly internal things, maybe -- like a homeowner's association -- but otherwise?

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