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The Importance of Natural Lighting

Click to Enlarge It's free.  Use it.  Design with it in mind.  Natural light = equity.  More natural light = less artificial light.  It feels good.  Workers appreciate it.  Light chases away inhibition.  Natural light does not have to be hot.  Natural light is from the sun.  The sun moves.  Design with natural light is more advanced than design with artificial light.  Artificial light is fake.  CFLs + incandescents are artificial light.  Artificial light requires electricity.  Electricity can be used for other things during the day besides artificial lighting.  Artificial light is man made.  Natural light is not man made.  Animals are cognizant of day and night.  The day/night distinction is irrelevant to humans.  Natural light comes from one source.  Artificial light radiates from countless sources.  Natural light = gift.  Artificial light = debt.  Image via


Thanks for the link Preston, great thought stream on the natural light. Great stuff on your blog, I check it daily, keep it up.

Thanks. I'm a feed-reader of yours as well. Great stuff. Keep in touch...

True dat, true dat...

The numbers prove it to -- I can't remember who wrote it, but I saw a report recently that said factories with natural lighting are 26% more efficient, and that increased daylight in schools resulted in something like a 25% improvement in reading and math scores.

Preston-There are some great companies out there that are producing natural light systems for gyms, schools, etc. Solartube which is known in the residential market has gone commercial as well. Take a look at Ciralight which has a bubble on top of a the roof with a sun tracker to get the best sunlight all day. anna hackman,

Check out Ciralight, it's the wave of the future. Savings are great and natural light source because of design are what we need in all sizes of businesses.

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