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Free iTunes Download: Sundance Channel Green TV Show; Better Hurry!

Sundance Channel Big Ideas

Quick post here, but I want to let you iTunes users know that there's a free download of the new Sundance Channel TV show called "big ideas for a small planet."  No direct links because you need to have iTunes downloaded to get it, but it's on the front page right now.  The season premiere is called "Fuel," and I just finished watching it.  Download it, come back, and leave a comment on what you thought.


Preston, you're always keeping us informed. Thanks for the heads up. I'll check it out.

Two days later, the blogosphere is catching on, but you saw it here first:

Pretty dang impossible to get a hugg, however, you need to be in with a big blog team to pump up the story to the front page. I'd rather fly solo.

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