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Motto Magazine: 6 Gurus of Eco-Chic

Motto_logo I'm picky about what I read.  Are you?  Henry David Thoreau once said, "Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all."  I sincerely believe that.  I anticipate that Jetson Green readers feel the same way, so when I write, I try to provide short, concise, informative posts that lead readers to quality information and learning.  Well, I recently purchased the magazine Motto.  Initially, I bought it to read the article called "6 Gurus of Eco-Chic," but when I sat down to delve in, I was shocked by the content.  I'm talking about high-quality, positive, entrepreneurial content.  I still haven't finished one magazine because I find myself reading every page (not just looking at pictures in this one!).

But I had the thought.  I just read a copy of Good Magazine a week or two ago, and I thought that magazine was good.  It really was good.  In Texas, good means okay.  Good means fine.  Good means pedestrian.  Good means neutral.  And that's what it was to me.  It wasn't all that positive either, it was rather sobering.  Full of information and sobering.  So I took HDT's advice and decided that I probably shouldn't read good magazines anymore.  I think Motto is in the best category of reading.  What do you think? 

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I'm often overwhelmed by the number of eco-related mags at my co-op -- I never really know what to pick up! I'll check out Motto -- Would love to hear your review of other mags too --

Thanks for dropping by. I know what you mean. I have four or five green magazines (Eco-structure, Buildings, Dwell, E The Environmental Magazine, etc.) waiting for me to read on the stationary bike. Probably need to exercise more to get through them!

Hey you guys in the States,

I am in the UK. I have a magazine online called

Thought this ties in beautifully with this great piece. Clear, concise and very informative. Preston-I love your style.
Earthy is the way forward with a fabulous slice or Fair-Trade, organic double choc-chip cake!
Yours [email protected]

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