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LEED-H Silver, Energy Star, Earth Advantage - Dolph Creek Townhomes


In Portland, Oregon, there's a sustainable development called The Headwaters at Tryon Creek, which is a 2.88 acre, master-planned, mixed-income community that prioritizes sustainable building practices, energy + water conservation, wildlife habit restoration, and stormwater management.  One portion of the development includes the Dolph Creek Townhomes, which are 14 for sale, attached townhouses that are LEED Silver, Energy Star, and Earth Advantage certified.  Quite the list of certifications!  These luxury townhouses vary in size from 1,585 - 1,695 square feet, and in price from $369,950 - $379,950...purchasers qualify for the State Residential Energy Tax Credit. 

In addition to saving up to 45% on annual energy costs, here are some of the green features:  solar panels with 80 gallon storage tank, energy efficient windows, green label carpet, formaldehyde free cabinetry and wood products, heat recovery ventilators, on-demand gas and solar water heating, polyfoam insulation, exhaust fans in all the garages, drip irrigation system, and low-flow toilets, showers, and water faucets.  Of course, the floors will be bamboo (hopefully not the Chinese import variety) and the patio will have ipe hardwood decking.  From what I've seen, this looks like quite the community. 



This is supposed to be a green development, yet they are touting a deck made with a wood from Latin American tropical rainforests called ipe (ee-pay). All of this wood is coming from primary (previously unlogged) forests. There is some ipe available that was certified under protocols of Forest Stewardship Council - is that what was used here? That would be lower, but not absent, impacts to rainforests. For more information, see

The wood for the deck is certified under the protocols of the Forest Stewardship Council. Having looked at the units and read up on them, it is clear that the architects and builders took exteme care to minimize the environmental impact of the units, both in design and construction materials. Up to, and including, making sure that construction debris was recycled.

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