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Steven Spielberg Movie on William McDonough, FAIA, the "Eco-tect?"

Bill_mcdonough_ecotectI hope so.  When I wrote about Green Sandwich Technologies, true south orientation, and Greenbridge Developments, I was talking about Bill McDonough.  I've also mentioned his Cradle to Cradle notion, which is about much more than sustainability, it's about "waste = food" and what happens to stuff when no one wants to use it anymore (C2C Book).  His ideas are transforming the way companies do business and make money.  And that's why he's a big deal.  He's the "Eco-tect," or the Ecological Architect, but he's also more than that:  he's innovating architecture, design, and business all at the same time.  This is the story that Steven Spielberg wants to make a movie about, and I think it will be extremely compelling. 

Right now, McDonough's company is working with Google on its campus.  He's also helping to design six cities and one village in China with stringent standards of sustainability.  If you've ever been to China, you know how big these cities can get, so we're talking about sustainability and innovation on a gigantic scale.  The American public could benefit from McDonough's reservoir of knowledge and experience, so I'm hoping that Spielberg continues with his first impulse and follows through with the film.  Via Business 2.0.   


I'd really look forward to seeing this film. I've followed McDonough's work and just been absolutely inspired by what he is doing. More people need to know what he is up to and what his ideas can mean in terms of building a better future for all of us. Maybe a film on him can do what An Inconvenient Truth did for the global climate change debate - wake people up and help firmly align public opinion in the right direction.

Thanks for the comment John. You make a good point. Al Gore has really placed climate change in the spotlight, but for me, I'm also thinkging about environmental impact AND indoor air quality. Ever read A Civil Action? Think about what polluted water will do to a town, it's devastating. I'm confident a movie on McDonough would bring a broader environmental perspective into the limelight.

Great movie on Bill McDonough and sustainable design already exists. Check out, and it's on McDonough's web site.

McDonough ideas are transforming the way companies do business and make money. And that's why he's a big deal.

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