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Jetson Green 2007: Blog Goals


I agree with Siel that goals should be SMART.  Inspired by Geekwhat (caution: bust image), I've decided to broadcast three goals I have for Jetson Green.  They say (I don't know who exactly, but...), "A goal is not a goal until it is written down," so blogging these should keep me accountable.  Here we go. 

  1. Leave 5 comments a day elsewhere.
  2. Reach the 100,000 total new visitors mark (currently at +14,000 total), need to get about 1,700 new visits a week (versus my current 1,100).
  3. Publish 2 articles in print magazines. 

Aspirational?  Yes.  Doable?  Yes.  Although I have one concern.  I don't think the comments goal is measurable, but I will keep a running tab in my notes.  The other two goals are measurable and all three goals must be performed by year end.  For #2 + #3, I rely on the generosity of others; for example, if people stop visiting, then I will never reach 100,000 new visitors. 

What am I going to do to make it happen?  Keep generating quality, rich, noteworthy, focused content.  Keep tweaking the site based upon visits, site statistics, and reader feedback.  Keep blogging daily.  And enjoy every minute of it.


Those are great goals for your blog. I really enjoy reading it and am looking forward to continued great material and quality presentation this year. Best wishes!

Great goals, Preston. I think the comments goal could be measurable - maybe by using coComment or even creating a tag on delicious for commenting, then bookmarking those pages.

Go get 'em, stay contagious with your voice.

John + Mike,

Thanks for the encouragement and information. I look forward to 2007 full of posts from both of your blogs!

Let's do it! :) Ambition fuels success

I dig the goals, especially the five comments a day part. I'm trying to emulate that bit but goodness it's challenging... Keep up the great work.

I'm not going to do a blog post about this, but here's my report.
**I blogged everyday.
**I shattered all traffic goals.
**Currently getting about 60k visits/100k page views per month.
**Did not get any print articles. Still working on this one.
**Did not comment 5x per day. That was rigorous and I felt like I was not making value-added remarks. Plus I kept talking on the same few blogs.

Next Year:
++get some articles in print.
++reach 1 million visits mark.
++add five new writers to the website
++blog redesign w/ various features

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