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Carnival of the Green #62

Cotg As you all know, Carnival of the Green is basically a carnival of blog posts that gets passed around from one green site to another.  Posting happens on Mondays.  Treehugger graciously supports the endeavor, so pop on over there if you're interested in hosting a carnival or submitting an article (carnivalofgreen [at] gmail dot com).  Last week, Carnival #61 was at Clay & Wattles, and next week, Carnival #63 will be at Nonoscience.

That said, I received a ton of articles and commentary, a virtual smattering of diverse topics, so go ahead and check 'em out.  Here we go in no particular order:

That's about 28 articles, so this should be enough to keep you busy for the next week.  Thanks for letting me participate Treehugger!!


Nicely done. Sometimes having the subjects/links compact like this is handier than including all the narrative stuff.


Thanks for hosting!

These 28 articles are enough to keep us busy for the next week. Thanks for letting us participate Treehugger!!

Too bad for you. I bet everything you own the sky will not fall and the Earth will endure despite anything we as humans do to it.

A neutral color works best, but you could always go for a very bright neon color if you want to go bold.

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