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miniHome: Modern + Green Urban RV


Introducing the miniHome.  Technically, it's an RV, but it's also designed for year-round living in extreme climates.  Ask the company, and they'll tell you it's perfect as a ski chalet, vacation retreat, cottage, guest cabin, or simple + luxurious home-away-from-home.  The base price is about $107,000 USD (max price $167,000), and if you're thinking of hauling it around, you'll need a vehicle that can handle a 14,000 pound haul.

The company suggests that the miniHome is better suited for semi-permanent living, even though it has wheels.  It was architecturally designed to high sustainable standards, including the following:  no vinyl, no formaldehyde, no toxic adhesives or finishes, all water-based or plant oil-based finishes, no CFCs or HCFCs, all FSC-certified woods, high air ventilation rate, constant fresh air supply via heat-recovery-ventilator, and durable/low-maintenance materials.  It also has a freshwater storage tank of 200 liters.

[=] Watch video of the miniHome

For those that need a little more space, they've created an optional add-on room of 8 x 12.  When it leaves the factory, it will be fully furnished with blinds/screens, dressers, fold-up tables, sofa beds, kitchen + bathroom appliances, and electrical + lighting systems.  Plus, there's a simple garden on top designed for passive cooling purposes.  This is just a start ... with the miniHome, not only can you live with a light footprint, but you can do it in a modern way. 





Rendering, image credits: Sustain


This RV looks great.I've read that it is well designed too.I want to ask if I some of them are rentable?

I didn't know that there are such RVs but this looks great.I may talk with my husband about this and we could buy such RV.

This RV looks zealous.I've indicate that it is healed organized too.I necessity to ask if I any of them are rentable?

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