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9/11 Remembrance: World Trade Center Architecture - Green Freedom Tower + WTC Plaza

Wtc_plaza_1 Last week, the designs of three more World Trade Center towers were released and they've drawn considerable attention from the media and public.  Notably, one of the buildings has four diamonds at the top, and if it is built, could become an ostensible landmark of New York architecture.  Because today is September 11, I thought it would be appropriate to mention the architectural aspects of the WTC site.  My heart goes out to all the families, businesses, and organizations that were affected by 9/11...the considerable emotion (and commotion) that this date ushers in, shows how the event has changed America forever.

Freedom Tower:
Freedom_tower The details for this 1,776 foot tall building were released in June 2006 by Skidmore, Owings + Merrill.  I blogged about this firm recently in relation to their design of the Pearl River zero energy building in China, which still receives tons or search hits every day (on this blog).  From what I understand, the Freedom Tower will be able to withstand the impact of a fully-fueled airplane.  This building is projected for topping out in 2010 and occupancy in 2011.  Importantly, SOM has included state-of-the-art sustainability designs including the use of energy cogeneration and fuel cells, on-site renewable energy sourcing, off-site renewable energy use, efficient natural lighting, rainwater reuse, low-VOC paints, construction-waste recycling, and sustainably harvested wood.  Their website provide more details on their commitment to sustainable design.

Other WTC Plaza (200 Greenwich, 175 Greenwich + 150 Greenwich):
Rrp_175_greenwich_2 200 Greenwich--the building with four diamonds at its peak, is the product of architect Norman Foster of Foster and Partners.  It's a beautiful building projected to be completed by 2012.  The architect for 175 Greenwich is Richard Rogers, and this building is also a handsome building (picture on the left).  The last of the three buildings unveiled this week, 150 Greenwich, was designed by architect Fumihiko Maki of Maki and Associates.  This post would become really long if I were to detail each building, but the WTC website ( has tons of information on the building architects, builders, developers, etc. 

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