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July 24, 2006

Hollywood Green v. Jetson Green


Funny right?! You know it’s true. I saw this happening with “organic” foods early on. Still happens. Words like “organic” and “green” have several meanings, depending on the person using the word. When organic food providers first came on the scene, it seemed to me that they were the ones truly converted to the concept and necessity of eating organic. Let’s just say they were the hard-core of organic food supporters. The extremists. Soon other people realized that the word “organic,” when affixed to products, had the power to command a price premium. So what happened? Everyone else capitalized big time!  With various "organic" levels, sometimes, it's hard to figure out what's really organic and what's met the organic standard.  Green building will be similar in all likelihood.  Be careful not to get caught up in standards because the product is what's important. 

Getting Started ...

I've blogged before, but nothing seriously.  So I'm gonna try this out and see where it goes.  I'm interning at an excellent real estate company and from what I can tell with the industry (taken as a whole), I see no obvious concern for the environmental impact of building design and construction.  It's weird because we live in a world with finite resources such as water, natural gas, oil, etc.  I mean, I know there's an abundance of coal, but resources have a way of becoming expensive, so it makes sense to build buildings that use less resources.  Buildings that have a lighter footprint. 

Developers say it's too expensive to build or develop green, but I have a feeling things will change.

I like modern design and environmentalism.  I guess you can say Jetson Green is a blending of two concepts "modern" and "environment."  Maybe "contemporary" and "green."  Maybe "futuristic" and "socially aware."  With the title of this blog, I'm trying to say I will assess the crossroads of these things, but maybe I didn't do too well with that.  So, let the blogging begin ...

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