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Jay Leno Delves Deeper into Small Wind

Jay Leno's Green Garage

You may have heard of Jay Leno's Green Garage, but have you heard about him installing the Delta II wind turbine on the building to generate electricity?  Delta II is an American-made, vertical axis turbine designed by PacWind.  It's a 9 foot, 500 lb. beast with the ability to produce 10 kw of power at 28 mph winds.  One of the benefits of this design is that it can start producing electricity at lower wind speeds ... to get a more specific idea, feel free to watch this installation video at Popular Mechanics.

Jay's Green Garage was recently on the newest episode of Living with Ed, and according to the show, Jay plans to expand his arsenal of Delta II wind turbines.  We'll keep an eye on the news to see how many he adds to the building.  What does this mean?  It sounds like he's happy with the turbine's performance, which is a good thing because the small wind industry is still trying to gain momentum and traction.  Delta II MSRPs for a cool $19,995. 


I should have been getting 10 times that amount of power. Ed Begeley is no longer affiliated with the PacWind group, the company is trying to dissolve and move sales and operation over seas to prevent recourse here in states, and all in all are being run by a greedy fool now and not the original founder of the company. Please contact me if you have been taken for a ride like me as I have eight others on board already and we are building case for state of CA AJs office.

Beware PacWind. I paid them in full, over $8,000, for a turbine system nearly a year ago. They have lied to me at least 10 times about a due date and now will not even return my phone calls. I filed complaints with the California BBB and Attorney General’s office and to date they have not responded to the agency inquiries. It looks like these scam artist have cheated me out of over $8,000. Do not let this happen to you. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Over the past 12 months PacWind has suffered a loss of four key employees, including several investors as well as of yesterday their general counsel. Word is that as usual the vertical axis turbine production numbers have been fudged or altered in a way to increase sales and distribution of a product that does not work well. Its a shame that PacWind cannot just own up to the false production claims, fix the product, then reenter the market when they actually have working models.

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