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Green Building Videos All in One Place!

Jetson Green Video Library

I know you could probably surf around and subscribe to a few channels here and there, but I've found a fun way to put the best green videos from YouTube all in one place.  Introducing the Jetson Green Video Library.  If you have the time, click the first one and it'll take you through to the very end of all 17 videos.  And if you like a particular video, click the YouTube logo within the video and you'll go straight to that video's dedicated YouTube page.  Let me know if I missed one and I'll keep the page updated with great green content.


That's pretty cool. You might also want to check out Splashcast ( it will let you combine all those videos into one player that you can embed wherever you want, and spool you out an RSS feed so that people can get notified when new videos get added to the channel. Try it, you'll like it!

Great job Preston. Thanks for consolidating; I caught up in one quick viewing!

The video is not loading- any other options?

duuude ! great video library you got there. You gave me homework for tonight to watch all your vids :> gg

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