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Jeriko House Explores The Platform for Living


I'm going to be talking with the CEO of Jeriko House, Shawn Burst, later this week, but I still want to post an update on what's happening with this Louisiana-based modern prefab company.  I broke the story on Jeriko House last January and a lot has happened since that time.  Right now, Jeriko House is smack dab in the middle of three different projects, with more on the development table.  Feel free to head on over the newly redesigned, updated website for current projects, the gallery, and other information on what the company has to offer.

Hypothetical: What Would it Take?
Jeriko House is prepared to adapt their designs for a variety of climates and sites, so they can go anywhere in the United States.  With that in mind, let me throw out a little hypothetical to satisfy my own curiosity.  Assume your are in the market for a new home and you have an empty lot.  What would it take to put a Jeriko House on your lot?  Any thoughts?  Unload in the comments.  Also, some incredible pictures below the jump.










Very elegant designs. I'm curious for sure. What would it take? You tell me. What's the sqf price tag. Do you know? Are there any notable green aspects beside prefab?

Thanks Preston.


The green stuff is important and they have a page explaining what they will do to make the house green here. A lot of it talks about the non-toxic qualities of the structure. If you add to that conscientious details, I think you can go pretty green.

Although I'm not sure what goes into it, but the FAQ section says a typical home will cost about $250-400.

So it sounds like you basically need a lot of $$... I like the designs a lot and the modular AL system.

The stock floor plans are a little large with a 2 bed over 2K sq ft and a 3 bed over 4K. It's a lot more difficult to claim homes this big are green and the size of the solar or wind array needed can be pricey.

I don't want to sound too negative. I think it's a great company with a unique approach and it's great to see them striving for sustainability. I just wish modern prefab could be done more affordably.

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