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Modus Development, Array: Modern + Solar + Green

Array Exterior

Modus Development is an innovative development group that works with infill sites in good locations to enhance the value of the land by improving the quality of life for those that live on it.  How do they do that?  With modern, cutting-edge, green designs.  Currently, Modus is working on a 9 townhouse project in Scottsdale, Arizona, called Array.  Each townhouse in Array will have a 2-kilowatt photovoltaic system provided by American Solar Electric.  The system is expected to generate about 28,800 kilowatt hours of electricity annually and offset roughly 30,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.  In addition, Modus is building the project to LEED standards, which will make it the second LEED-certified project in the area.  According to Ed Gorman, President of Modus Development, "By adding the solar panels to the rooftops of every home, we create homes that are both architecturally unique and cost very little to operate."  Each 3-story townhome will have about 1,800 sf, with 2-bedrooms, a den/office/bedroom option, 2.5 bathrooms, and a detached 2-car garage. 

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Array Garage



As green as this is going to be, I would still like to see developments like this with maybe one car garage, or none at all. A garage is a waste of materials, and promotes car usage.

As well, a smaller design would be more efficient, and then maybe a smaller solar unit, like a 1.2 would be needed instead of the 2 kw system being used.

just some things to think about

People are going to need cars to get around in Scottsdale. The place is not like San Francisco where your life exists within 5 square blocks. Plus I don't think Scottsdale has an urban transportation infrastructure in place. If they did, I could see not having garages. But if you are going to have cars, you might as well protect your investment.

Thanks Vaughan + Garrett for commenting. The parking issue is always pretty controversial. I don't think you accomplish anything by limiting the parking for buildings in Scottsdale. The better way to discourage the use of cars is to limit sprawl. When people and locations are closer + connected, the number of cars will go down.

As for the size of this place, I think it's rather appropriate actually. At 1,800 sf, we're talking about a place that's 25% smaller than the average American home. The footprint of the home is smaller, too, because Modus is building up, not out. And that minimizes the environmental impact of the building. I really like Array as an example of what future communities can look like.

good points about parking, i never took into consideration what city the building is in, and im from Canada so i'm not sure I ever knew anything about Scottsdale.

1800 sq ft is a great improvement over the usual north american home, true, but there is still room to grow, or i guess i should say shrink, there is still room to shrink.

Jetson Green and this post made the Treehugger post by Leonora Oppenheim called "Our Favourite Greens of the Week." Thanks...

There's a good article on Modus and the development team at Contact Magazine:

My son who lives in Singapore just sent me this info about your company. Since I live in Scottsdale, I can attest the need for a car. I am unsure of where you are building so that can make a difference, but basically, you need a car to go almost anywhere.....and garages are very popular for storage since one doesn't have a basement.

I want to inqiure about solar modus, the company that is producing it and how i can make contact with them.
Do they have an agent in Nigeria?. please get to me as soon as possible.
thanks .

Modus takes the concept of developing Green properties very seriously and has staked it reputation around building the highest quality homes within the Phoenix area that are both Green and stylish. We believe that people who want to live within the urban environment can have the best of both worlds, a modern, exciting urban home with a high return on their investment that is also designed and built to blend naturally within its environment. With just a little bit more creative thinking and planning, today they can own a home that is attractive, trend-setting and eco-friendly all wrapped into one!


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